ARCHGOAT - The Apocalyptic Triumphator
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The Apocalyptic Triumphator
CD album

Condition: VG / VG
Label: Debemur Morti Productions
Catalogue No: DMP 0117
" Following the path blazed by Archgoat’s former ventures of ferocious black metal singing their semen-filled hymns of desecration, 2015's“The Apocalyptic Triumphator” is primitive and unrelentingly atrocious. Better songs than the fine work of “Heavenly Vulva (Christ’s Last Rites)” and a massive, deathly discharge spewing from the atonal carnage continue the tomblike orgy soaked in an assortment of bodily fluids best left unknown...."

Disc has a couple of faint marks.
  • 1 Intro (Left Hand Path)
  • 2 Nuns, Cunts & Darkness
  • 3 The Apocalyptic Triumphator
  • 4 Phallic Desecrator Of Sacred Gates
  • 5 Grand Luciferian Theophany
  • 6 Those Below (Who Dwell In Hell)
  • 7 Intro (Right Hand Path)
  • 8 Congregation Of Circumcised
  • 9 Sado-Magical Portal
  • 10 Light Of Phosphorus
  • 11 Profanator Of The 1st Commandment
  • 12 Funeral Pyre Of Trinity