ASHFORD & SIMPSON - The Warner Bros. Years: The 12" Collection
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The Warner Bros. Years: The 12" Collection
5x12" vinyl box

Condition: G / EX
Label: Rhino
Catalogue No: 8122-79930-5
"The 12" Collection" gathers together 12 tracks, pressed on 180-gram vinyl 12" singles, including many of the beyond-rare 12" mixes that were previously never commercially released, and originally only appeared as promo-only 12" extended 'disco mixes' which featured the handywork of Valerie's brother Jimmy Simpson, a pioneer of 'intros and breaks' which now form the basis of much of today's dance music. The original mixes are cut at 45rpm and record one couples "One More Try" with "Tried Tested & Found True", record two pairs "Over & Over" with "It Seems To Hang On". Record three features "Don't Cost You Nothing" backed with "Bourgie Bourgie", and record four backs "Found A Cure" with "Stay Free". The fifth 12" is a "Remixes EP", cut at 33rpm, and featuring four contemporary retellings of Ashford & Simpson musical lore by star remixers whose admiration for the songs pulses through every groove. DJ Tom Moulton's revealing take on the hit "Found A Cure", including his unearthing of elements that were long forgotten and Paul Simpson and John Morales reconsider "Tried, Tested And Found True", Dimitri re-edits "Stay Free", to become a slamming club mix and Tommy Musto re-touches "It Seems To Hang On" to create a sexy between-the-sheets groove. 'These remixers', noted Simpson, 'did an incredible job breathing new life into our songs while maintaining the integrity of them.'

(Outer box is VG+ but the individual card disco bags for each record have suffered water damage... Vinyl is spotless)
  • A1 One More Try (12" Disco Mix)
  • A2 Tried, Tested & Found True (12" Disco Mix)
  • B1 Over & Over (12" Disco Mix)
  • B2 It Seems To Hang On (12" Disco Mix)
  • C1 Don't Cost You Nothing (12" Disco Mix)
  • C2 Bourgie Bourgie
  • D1 Found A Cure (12" Disco Mix)
  • D2 Stay Free
  • E1 Found A Cure (Tom Moulton Mix)
  • E2 Tried Tested & Found True (Simphouse / M&M Souful Mix)
  • F1 It Seems To Hang On (Tommy Musto Re-Touch)
  • F2 Stay Free (Dim's Club Mix)