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12" vinyl (new stock)

Condition: Plain / M
Label: Grain
Catalogue No: NEEDW036
(15/27) 'Cork,' is a layered, uplifting, almost ethereal House track, based around reassuringly familiar chords, ever-evolving with the analogue warmth of a Korg MS20 & constant swell of fuzzy background sound. An intermittent muted piano adds a touch of cosy nostalgia. Grain,' a peak moment of intensity, unashamedly on-the-nose, with just a few raw elements, all explored and pushed to the limit. Lastly, 'Fireworks' the less conventional of the three features Ashworth’s recording of a firework display, weaving the bangs, screams and blasts into a tapestry of 80's Kraftwerk inspired synths, muted reverb- drenched percussion, and a satisfying, growling bass line.