AT THE GATES - Slaughter Of The Soul
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Slaughter Of The Soul

Condition: EX / EX
Label: Earache
Catalogue No: MOSH143CDV
2008 Earache classic CD with free bonus DVD. Limited edition double disc pack. Part of the Earache Classic Metal series. Originally released in 1995.
  • CD-1 Blinded By Fear
  • CD-10 Need
  • CD-11 The Flames Of The End
  • CD-12 Legion (Slaughterlord Cover)
  • CD-13 The Dying (Unreleased Track)
  • CD-14 Captor Of Sin (Slayer Cover)
  • CD-15 Unto Others ('95 Demo)
  • CD-16 Suicide Nation ('95 Demo)
  • CD-17 Bister Verklighet (No Security Cover)
  • CD-2 Slaughter Of The Soul
  • CD-3 Cold
  • CD-4 Under A Serpent Sun
  • CD-5 Into The Dead Sky
  • CD-6 Suicide Nation
  • CD-7 World Of Lies
  • CD-8 Unto Others
  • CD-9 Nausea
  • DVD-1a Terminal Spirit Disease
  • DVD-1b Cold
  • DVD-1c The Swarm
  • DVD-1d Blinded By Fear
  • DVD-1e Nausea
  • DVD-1f Forever Blind
  • DVD-1g Need
  • DVD-1h Kingdom Come
  • DVD-2 The Making Of Slaughter Of The Soul
  • DVD-3 'Blinded By Fear' Promo Video
  • DVD-4a Scene 1: Money Trouble
  • DVD-4b Scene 2: Album Artwork
  • DVD-4c Scene 3: "Go!" Live