BABYLON WHORES - Pride Of The Damned
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Pride Of The Damned
6xLP Box Set

Condition: VG / VG
Label: Svart Records
Catalogue No: SVR256
Awesome 6LP box set from the Finnish death rock band, featuring all of their recorded output, plus demos and session tracks. With 100 page booklet and poster.

Box has some light wear and a couple of the records have a some very light marks.
  • I-A1 Deviltry
  • I-A2 Omega Therion
  • I-A3 Beyond The Sun
  • I-A4 Metatron
  • I-A5 Enchiridion For A Common Man
  • I-B1 In Arcadia Ego
  • I-B2 Babylon Astronaut
  • I-B3 Flesh Of A Swine
  • I-B4 Cold Heaven
  • II-A1 Errata Stigmata
  • II-A2 Radio Werewolf
  • II-A3 Hand Of Glory
  • II-A4 Veritas
  • II-A5 Skeleton Farm
  • II-B1 To Behold The Suns Below
  • II-B2 Exit Eden
  • II-B3 Sol Niger
  • II-B4 Fey
  • II-B5 King Fear: Song For The Damned
  • III-A1 Life Fades Away
  • III-A2 Hell Abloom
  • III-A3 Mother Of Serpents
  • III-A4 Lucibel (The Good Spirits Of Europe)
  • III-B1 Dating With Witchcraft
  • III-B2 Death In Prague
  • III-B3 A Pale Horse Against Time
  • III-B4 Eveningland
  • IV-A1 Dog Star A
  • IV-A2 Sol Niger
  • IV-A3 Somniferum
  • IV-A4 Omega Therion (V2)
  • IV-A5 Emerald Green
  • IV-A6 Deggael: A Rat's God
  • IV-B1 Love Under Will
  • IV-B2 Hellboy
  • IV-B3 Speed Doll
  • IV-B4 Beyond The Sun
  • IV-B5 Trismegistos
  • V-A1 Of Blowjobs And Cocktails
  • V-A2 Cold Hummingbird
  • V-A3 Babylon Astronaut
  • V-A4 Silver Apples
  • V-A5 Cool
  • V-A6 Third Eye
  • V-A7 East Of Earth
  • V-B1 Methadon Slut (Babysitter Version)
  • V-B2 Third Eye (Babysitter Version)
  • V-B3 Errata Stigmata (St. Vitus' Dance Mix)
  • V-B4 Fey (Single Version)
  • VI-A1 Omega Therion (Demo)
  • VI-A2 Enchiridion For A Common Man (Demo)
  • VI-A3 Metatron (Demo)
  • VI-A4 Deviltry (Demo)
  • VI-A5 Flesh Of A Swine (Demo)
  • VI-B1 World Without End (Death Of The West Outtake)
  • VI-B2 Crown Of Iron (Cold Heaven Session)
  • VI-B3 Hellboy (Cold Heaven Session)
  • VI-B4 Love Under Will (Cold Heaven Session)
  • VI-B5 Deggael (Acoustic)
  • VI-B6 Methadon Slut (Version)