BASTARD FEAST - Osculum Infame
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Osculum Infame
CD album

Condition: VG / EX
Label: Season Of Mist Underground Activists
Catalogue No: SUA 057
"Sticking to a singular genre description is not what Bastard Feast does, jumping all over from crusty hardcore to sickening grindcore to hopeless doom. Having so many variables in motion could lead to a momentum killing imbalance, but these guys don't succumb to such issues. When they want to go fast and disregard the tradition of proper structuring, it's a thrill to hear. If they decide, "Hey, let's take it down a few notches, but increase the feedback quota," the terror that results is a prized treasure." 2014 release.

Disc is one pinprick mark off NM.
  • 01 Bloated City
  • 02 Old Father
  • 03 The Rats Through Our Veins
  • 04 The Serpent Spoke
  • 05 Noose Of Smoke
  • 06 A Tribute To What We Stole
  • 07 Watchful Defiler
  • 08 Claustrophobic Of This World
  • 09 Fields Of Black Cancer
  • 10 Synthetic Messiah