BEASTIE BOYS - Interview Thing Lisbon!
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Interview Thing Lisbon!
CD promo

Condition: VG / EX
Label: Capitol
Catalogue No: CDIN114
Interview disc released to promote 'Hello Nasty'.

Light wear to inlay.
  • 1 Q1: Can You Describe The New Album And How It Differs From Previous Albums?
  • 2 Q2: Describe The Recording Process And Especially The Vocals.
  • 3 Q3: What Is Your Songwriting Process And How Do You Decide What Gets Put On The Record?
  • 4 Q4: Can Uou Talk About All The Guest Appearances On The New Record? How Did You Decide To Work With
  • 5 Q5: How Does Mix Master Mike Fit In? What's It Like Working With A New DJ?
  • 6 Q6: How Did You Get All The Distorted Vocals On The Record And Can You Talk About The Recording Of T
  • 7 Q7: What Is Your Songwriting Process?
  • 8 Q8: Please, Talk About Working With Mario Caldato. At What Point Does He Enter The Songwriting And R
  • 9 Q9: Who Leads The Recording And/Or Songwriting Process? How Do Your Songs Take Shapes?
  • 10 Q10: How Do You Define The Beastie Boys' Sound?
  • 11 Q11: How Do You Decide What Samples To Use?
  • 12 Q12: How Do You Decide Where And How To Use Samples Or Where You Want To Play Live?
  • 13 Q13: What Kind Of Music Have You Been Listening To Lately And How Does That Influence Your Recording
  • 14 Q14: How Do You Feel About The Success Of The Tibetan Freedom Concerts?
  • 15 Q15: How Did You Lerarn About The Situation In Tibet And Become Involved Into Trying To Help Them Ga
  • 16 Q16: How Did Moving Back To New York And Recording This Album There Affect It As Opposed To Having S
  • 17 Q17: Describe Your Early Influences.
  • 18 Q18: Describe The Beastie Boys Of 1998 In Comparison To Your Beginnings And How You've Changed. Wher
  • 19 Q19: What Affected Your Transition From Punk To Hip Hop?
  • 20 Q20: Where Do You See Yourselves Going Musically In The Future? Any Particular Interests You Want To