BILL NELSON - Trial By Intimacy (The Book Splendours)
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Trial By Intimacy (The Book Splendours)
vinyl 4LP box set

Condition: G / VG
Label: Cocteau Records ltd.
Catalogue No: JEAN 2
RARE original 1985 issue 4 LP boxed set, limited to 5000 copies, containing four previously unreleased instrumental albums, a set of 8 postcards, and a book of Nelson’s photography entitled, The Arcane Eye. The albums each have their own catalogue number and are as follows: The Summer Of Gods Piano (JC 6) Chamber Of Dreams (Music From The Invisibility Exhibition) (JC 7) Pavilions Of Heart And Soul (JC 8) A Catalogue Of Obsessions (JC 9)

Some scuffed edges on the box but the vinyl is mostly EX except for two minor marks.
  • A1 Antennae Two
  • A10 Zanoni
  • A11 The Chinese Nightingale
  • A2 Transmission (N.B.C. 97293)
  • A3 The Sleep Of Hollywood
  • A4 The Celestial Bridegroom
  • A5 Under The Red Arch
  • A6 Orient Pearl
  • A7 Sacrament
  • A8 Falling Blossoms
  • A9 The Difficulty Of Being
  • B1 Tantra
  • B10 Snowfall
  • B11 Real Of Dusk
  • B12 Over Ocean
  • B2 Soon September (Another Enchantment)
  • B3 Rural Shires
  • B4 Perfidio Incanto
  • B5 The Lost Years
  • B6 The Charm Of Transit
  • B7 Night Thoughts (Twilight Radio)
  • B8 Wysteria
  • B9 Swing
  • C1 The Blazing Memory Of Innuendo
  • C2 Into The Luminous Future
  • C3 A Dip In The Swimming Pool Reactor
  • C4 Tomorrowland (The Threshold Of 1947)
  • C5 Listening To Lizards
  • C6 My Endless Torsion
  • C7 Sublime Perversion
  • C8 Eros In Autumn
  • C9 Sleeplessness
  • D1 The Latest Skyline
  • D2 Train Of Thought
  • D3 Parks And Fountains, Clouds And Trees
  • D4 The Golden Bough
  • D5 Forever Orpheus
  • D6 In Arcadia
  • D7 Sentimental
  • D8 Autumn Fires
  • D9 Wild Blue Yonder
  • E1 Gift Of The August Tide
  • E10 Dreamed Embraces
  • E2 Loving Tongues
  • E3 Blue Nude
  • E4 In The Realm Of Bells
  • E5 Your Nebulous Smile
  • E6 The Glance Of A Glittering Stranger
  • E7 Another Kiss For Your Slender Neck
  • E8 The Warmth Of Women's Eyes
  • E9 Seduction (Ritual With Roses)
  • F10 Tender Encounters (States Of Grace)
  • F11 Melancholia
  • F12 The Eternal Female
  • F5 Migrating Angels
  • F6 Les Amoureux
  • F7 Meshes Of The Afternoon
  • F8 Mountains Of The Heart
  • F9 Willow Silk
  • G1 Sex Party Six
  • G2 Wider Windows For The Walls Of The World
  • G3 Time In Tokyo
  • G4 Happily Addicted To You
  • G5 Snakes With Wings
  • G6 The Boy Pilots Of Bangkok
  • G7 Erotikon
  • G8 Birds In Two Hemispheres
  • G9 Windmills In A World Without Wind
  • H1 Love's First Kiss
  • H10 The Last Summer For Dancing
  • H11 View From A Balcony
  • H2 Initiation Of The Heart's Desire
  • H3 Edge Of Tears
  • H4 Test Of Affection
  • H5 Words Across Tables
  • H6 A Promise Of Perfume
  • H7 This Dangerous Age
  • H8 The Glass Breakfast
  • H9 Talk Technique