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Life Is Unfair
4xCD / DVD Box Set

Condition: SS / SS
Label: One Little Indian
Catalogue No: TPLP1414CDBOX
The package is made up of previously unreleased material and a DVD containing live footage and official music videos. The highly anticipated boxset includes the albums England Made Me, The Facts of Life, Passionoia and a 16 Track Bonus CD of Unreleased material, BBC Sessions, Single versions, remixes, plus DVD ‘Live at the Forum’ on 27 October 2008 as well as 5 Videos. There is also an accompanying booklet featuring various sleeve notes and writings from the band.
  • CD1-1 Girl Singing In The Wreckage
  • CD1-10 Kidnapping An Heiress
  • CD1-11 Wonderful Life
  • CD1-12 Hated Sunday
  • CD1-2 England Made Me
  • CD1-3 New Baby Boom
  • CD1-4 It's Only The End Of The World
  • CD1-5 Ideal Home
  • CD1-6 Child Psychology
  • CD1-7 I. C. One Female
  • CD1-8 Uptown Top Ranking
  • CD1-9 Swinging
  • CD2-1 The Art Of Driving
  • CD2-10 The Deverell Twins
  • CD2-11 Goodnight Kiss
  • CD2-2 Weekend
  • CD2-3 The English Motorway System
  • CD2-4 May Queen
  • CD2-5 Sex Life
  • CD2-6 French Rock'n'Roll
  • CD2-7 The Facts Of Life
  • CD2-8 Straight Life
  • CD2-9 Gift Horse
  • CD3-1 The School Song
  • CD3-10 I Ran All The Way Home
  • CD3-2 GSOH Q.E.D.
  • CD3-3 British Racing Green
  • CD3-4 Being Number One
  • CD3-5 The New Diana
  • CD3-6 These Are The Things
  • CD3-7 Andrew Ridgley
  • CD3-8 When Britain Refused To Sing
  • CD3-9 Girls Guide For The Modern Diva
  • CD4-1 The Facts Of Life (Single Version)
  • CD4-10 Straight Life (BBC Session)
  • CD4-11 Goodnight Kiss (BBC Session)
  • CD4-12 Land Of Our Fathers
  • CD4-13 17 And Deadly
  • CD4-14 Passionoia Megamix
  • CD4-15 Lord Lucan Is Missing (Live)
  • CD4-16 Keep It In The Family
  • CD4-17 Do You Believe In God?
  • CD4-2 Start As You Mean To Go On
  • CD4-3 Soul Boy
  • CD4-4 The Facts Of Life (Chocolate Layers Remix)
  • CD4-5 Uptown Top Ranking
  • CD4-6 Brutality
  • CD4-7 Watch The Angel, Not The Wire
  • CD4-8 Rock'n'Roll Suicide (BBC Session)
  • CD4-9 The Art Of Driving (BBC Session)
  • DVD5-1 Wonderful Life
  • DVD5-10 The Facts Of Life
  • DVD5-11 The Art Of Driving
  • DVD5-2 British Racing Green
  • DVD5-3 England Made Me
  • DVD5-4 Girl Singing In The Wreckage
  • DVD5-5 I. C. One Female
  • DVD5-6 Child Psychology
  • DVD5-7 Lord Lucan Is Missing
  • DVD5-8 Child Psychology
  • DVD5-9 England Made Me