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Paris Moon

Condition: VG / VG
Label: Steamhammer
Catalogue No: SPV 98617 DVD + CD
Paris Moon is a long-form concert DVD/CD released by Blackmore's Night in 2007. This release celebrates the band's 10-year anniversary with a concert in the Paris Olympia in 2006.
  • CD-1 Past Times With Good Company / Rainbow Blues
  • CD-10 The Village Lanterne (Studio Version)
  • CD-11 All Because Of You (Radio Edit)
  • CD-2 Play Minstrel Play
  • CD-3 World Of Stone
  • CD-4 Under A Violet Moon
  • CD-5 Minstrel Hall
  • CD-6 Home Again
  • CD-7 Ariel
  • CD-8 The Clock Ticks On
  • CD-9 Fires At Midnight
  • DVD-1 Introduction
  • DVD-10 Minstrel Hall
  • DVD-11 Home Again
  • DVD-12 Streets Of London
  • DVD-13 Renaissance Faire
  • DVD-14 Keyboard Solo
  • DVD-15 Ariel
  • DVD-16 Loreley
  • DVD-17 The Clock Ticks On
  • DVD-18 Fires At Midnight
  • DVD-19 Saint Teresa
  • DVD-2 Past Times With Good Company
  • DVD-20 The Village Lanterne
  • DVD-3 Rainbow Blues
  • DVD-4 Play Minstrel Play
  • DVD-5 World Of Stone
  • DVD-6 Under A Violet Moon
  • DVD-7 Soldier Of Fortune
  • DVD-8 Durch Dem Wald Zum Bach Haus
  • DVD-9 Diamonds & Rust