BRAINBOMBS - How To Dispose Of A Dead Body
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How To Dispose Of A Dead Body
vinyl 2LP

Condition: EX / VG
Label: Skrammel Records
Catalogue No: SKRAMMEL-016
Rare orange vinyl pressing of the cult Swedish noise-punk rock band's 2013 album.
  • A1 Libera Me Domine
  • A2 Don't Go Near The River
  • A3 How To Make An Ordinary Man Sick
  • A4 I.N.R.I.
  • A5 I Am Sorry
  • A6 Fuck You All
  • A7 Nowhere
  • B10 Agony
  • B11 In My Garden
  • B12 The Saviour
  • B13 Prepared
  • B8 Kill Them All
  • B9 The Leatherboy
  • C14 Jealous
  • C15 Into The Darkness
  • C16 The Butcher
  • C17 Jealousy
  • C18 True Master
  • C19 Better Rule In Hell
  • D20 Picking Flowers
  • D21 The Clown
  • D22 Clean Up The Mess
  • D23 I Woke Up This Morning
  • D24 What A Feeling