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vinyl 5LP

Condition: G / VG
Label: EMI
Catalogue No: LP PRDT 1
Rare 1989 5 LP box set compiling the first three studio albums plus the compilation 'Singles Going Steady' and a compilation of the last 3 EPs from the early 80s. Plus great booklet!

Sleeves inside are VG but the box shows signs of aging and is torn down the spine.
  • A1 Fast Cars
  • A2 No Reply
  • A3 You Tear Me Up
  • A4 Get On Your Own
  • A5 Love Battery
  • A6 Sixteen
  • B1 I Don't Mind
  • B2 Fiction Romance
  • B3 Autonomy
  • B4 I Need
  • B5 Moving Away From The Pulsebeat
  • C1 Real World
  • C2 Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't 've)?
  • C3 Operator's Manual
  • C4 Nostalgia
  • C5 Just Lust
  • C6 Sixteen Again
  • D1 Walking Distance
  • D2 Love Is Lies
  • D3 Nothing Left
  • D4 E.S.P.
  • D5 Late For The Train
  • E1 Paradise
  • E2 Sitting Around At Home
  • E3 You Say You Don't Love Me
  • E4 You Know You Can't Help It
  • E5 Mad Mad Judy
  • E6 Raison D'Être
  • F1 I Don't Know What To Do With My Life
  • F2 Money
  • F3 Hollow Inside
  • F4 A Different Kind Of Tension
  • F5 I Believe
  • F6 Radio Nine
  • G1 Orgasm Addict
  • G2 What Do I Get?
  • G3 I Don't Mind
  • G4 Love You More
  • G5 Ever Fallen In Love?
  • G6 Promises
  • G7 Everybody's Happy Nowadays
  • G8 Harmony In My Head
  • H1 Whatever Happened To?
  • H2 Oh Shit!
  • H3 Autonomy
  • H4 Noise Annoys
  • H5 Just Lust
  • H6 Lipstick
  • H7 Why Can't I Touch It?
  • H8 Something's Gone Wrong Again
  • I1 Breakdown
  • I2 Fast Cars
  • I3 Noise Annoys
  • I4 Moving Away From The Pulsebeat
  • I5 Fiction Romance
  • I6 What Do I Get?
  • I7 Whatever Happened To?
  • I8 Time's Up
  • J1 Are Everything
  • J2 Strange Thing
  • J3 What Do You Know?
  • J4 Why She's A Girl From The Chainstore
  • J5 Airwaves Dream
  • J6 Running Free
  • J7 I Look Alone