CHé-SHIZU - A Journey
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A Journey
vinyl 2LP

Condition: EX / EX
Label: Black Editions
Catalogue No: BE-004/53
U.S. issue from 2018. First time on LP. Remastered and released in a gatefold sleeve. (Ché-SHIZU formed In 1981, as 'Mukai's Free Improvisation Group').
  • A1 Juso Station 十三駅
  • A2 A Dream Of Trousers ズボンの夢
  • A3 Vestige/Shadow 面影
  • B1 Tzitziki ジジキ
  • B2 Nokogiryama No Inu ノコギリ山の犬
  • B3 Nigihayahi ニギハヤヒ
  • C1 A Broad Daylight 白昼
  • C2 Shaking By The Waves, Actually 実際に波にゆられて
  • C3 Mariam Matrem from El "Llibre Vermell" De Montserrat
  • C4 Inperayritz from El "Llibre Vermell" De Montserrat
  • C5 Lovely On The Water
  • D1 A Journey 1
  • D2 A Journey 2