CHUCK CIRINO - Chopping Mall - Music From The Motion Picture
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Music From The Motion Picture
vinyl LP

Condition: VG / EX
Label: Waxwork
Catalogue No: WW005
Housed in a heavyweight old-style tip on jacket with film laminate gloss finish. Liner notes from composer Chuck Cirino and Chopping Mall screen writer Steve Mitchell. 12″X12″ art print insert included.
  • A1 Main Title
  • A2 Come Out And Play
  • A3 Do They Kill Cockroaches? (Dialogue)
  • A4 Shopping Death
  • A5 Showdown
  • A6 Burning Terror
  • A7 Running Rampant
  • A8 Fergie's Dead
  • B1 Zombiebot
  • B2 The One In The Middle (Dialogue)
  • B3 Scary
  • B4 Crawling Around
  • B5 Love Theme
  • B6 End Title
  • B7 Have A Nice Day! (Dialogue)
  • B8 Chopping Mall Suite