CHUMBAWAMBA - English Rebel Songs 1381-1914
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10" vinyl

Condition: VG / EX
Label: Agit-Prop Records
Catalogue No: PROP 3
An album of 'acappellas'. The words are sung, with a couple of exceptions, how the band found them originally written.
  • A1 The Cutty Wren
  • A2 The Diggers' Song
  • A3 Colliers March
  • A4 The Triumph Of General Ludd
  • A5 Chartist Anthem
  • A6 Song On The Times
  • B1 Smashing Of The Van
  • B2 World Turned Upside Down
  • B3 Poverty Knock
  • B4 Idris Strike Song
  • B5 Hanging On The Old Barbed Wire
  • B6 The Cutty Wren