Mystery Man
12" vinyl (new stock)

Condition: Plain / M
Label: Midnight Drive
Catalogue No: DRIVE003
(18/18) Midnight Drive are honoured to be able to reissue this amazing track, but imagine their surprise when Clive Stevens emailed to say that he had the original 1984 session parts and that a remix could be an exciting proposition! They decided there could be only one choice for the remix, they needed people who understood the roots of the record, people who would respectfully reimagine the track while adding their own flavour, enter - Gerry Rooney and Joel Martin aka Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold. They gave them the '84 session parts with Clive's blessing and they turned in their 'Ever evolving ever transforming' remix. Gerry and Joel's pedigree is impressive, Gerry helmed the infamous Black Cock re-edit's label with DJ Harvey way back in the mists of time and is a respected DJ and selector across the globe. Joel is one half of the cult Quiet Village project and his Disco mixes as DJ Zeus and reputation as a world-class collector and DJ is unparalleled. Arguably the best men for the job! Velvet Seasons have carved out a deservedly celebrated reputation as remixers and editors of note over the last 5 years or so and this, their wondrous, sprawling, dubbed out mix of 'Mystery Man' is definitely a high-point.
  • A Mystery Man (1984 12" Mix)
  • B Mystery Man (Velvet Season & The Hearts Of God - The Ever Transforming Mix)