CONFLICT - Only Stupid Bastards Help EMI
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Only Stupid Bastards Help EMI
vinyl LP

Condition: VG / EX
Label: New Army Records
Catalogue No: THIS IS NOT 5.99
Great live LP recorded on August 9, 1985 at Olympic Auditorium in the U.S.A. during the Nagasaki Nightmare Festival.
  • A01 Protest To Resistance
  • A02 Increase The Pressure
  • A03 Serenade Is Dead
  • A04 Positive Junk
  • A05 The System Maintains / Law And Order
  • A06 Berkshire Cunt
  • A07 Guilt And Glory
  • A08 Cruise
  • A09 One Nation
  • A10 Blind Attack
  • A11 Exploitation
  • A12 Vietnam
  • B01 Meat Means Murder
  • B02 This Is Not Enough
  • B03 Tough Shit Mickey
  • B04 Punk Innit
  • B05 As Others See Us
  • B06 Liberate
  • B07 Mighty And Superior
  • B08 Conflict
  • B09 Neither Is This