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vinyl pic disc

Condition: Plain / VG
Label: Qbico
Catalogue No: QBICO 41
Rare Picture Disc, Limited Edition, Reissue from the ex TANGERINE DREAM and KLUSTER member. Re-release of the rare 1973 "Red Cassette".

Some wear to the sleeve
  • A1 Radio Sheffield
  • A10 The Missing Jewel
  • A11 Artbeat
  • A12 Fresh Start
  • A13 Christmas Commercial
  • A14 Sea Sports
  • A15 The Delian Mode
  • A2 Radio Nottingham
  • A3 Boys And Girls
  • A4 Mattachin
  • A5 Pot Au Feu
  • A6 Time And Tune
  • A7 Tomorrow's World
  • A8 Reading Your Letters
  • A9 Blue Veils And Golden Sands
  • B1 The Frogs Wooing
  • B10 P.I.G.S.
  • B11 Autumn And Winter
  • B12 Door To Door
  • B13 Factors
  • B14 War Of The Worlds
  • B15 Crossbeat
  • B16 Air
  • B2 Milky Way
  • B3 Structures
  • B4 New Worlds
  • B5 Ziwzih Ziwzih OO-OO-OO
  • B6 Festival Time
  • B7 The Chase
  • B8 Towards Tomorrow
  • B9 Quiz Time