CRAIG SAFAN - Warning Sign (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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Warning Sign (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
vinyl LP

Condition: EX / EX
Label: Invada Records
Catalogue No: INV136LP
Limited edition splatter vinyl issue from 2014. Comes with printed insert.
  • A1 Warning Sign Main Title
  • A2 The Army Arrives
  • A3 Joanie Electrocuted
  • A4 Joanie Thoughts
  • A5 First Massacre
  • A6 Joanie Fights For Schmidt
  • A7 Entering Biotek
  • A8 Joanie & The Zombies
  • B10 Blood Serum
  • B11 Joanie Is Pregnant
  • B12 The Final Battle
  • B13 All Is Well
  • B14 Warning Sign End Title
  • B9 Run, Joanie, Run
  • C15 Bug Accident
  • C16 Full Alert
  • C17 This Is Not A Drill
  • C18 The Video Dead
  • C19 The Sheriff Arrives
  • C20 Fairchild Comes
  • C21 Bob Moves Into Action
  • C22 Bob Revives, Fights Joanie
  • D23 The Sickies
  • D24 Sneak Through The Fence
  • D25 Quiet Escape
  • D26 Making The Antidote
  • D27 You're Turning Into One
  • D28 The Serum Gun
  • D29 Transition