DESMOND LESLIE - Music Of The Future

Music Of The Future
vinyl LP

Condition: EX / EX
Label: Trunk Records
Catalogue No: JBH 014LP
Limited edition of only 500 copies issued. Including "Theme Music from the film: The Day the Sky Fell in" finished in 1958 & "Music of the Voids of Outerspace" finished in 1956. This collection of recordings were made between 1955 and 1959. (Also includes 'Sacrifice, B.C. 5,000' & 'Death Of Satan').
  • A1 Play In
  • A10 The Warhorns Of Mars
  • A11 Saturn-Chronos
  • A2 Destruction Of The Flies
  • A3 Invention Of The Weapon
  • A4 The Stranger
  • A5 The Stranger's Quest
  • A6 Finale And Play-out
  • A7 Asteroid Belt
  • A8 Mercury, Fleet Messenger Of The Gods
  • A9 Comet In Aquarious
  • B1 Dawn, Invocation
  • B2 Gathering Of The Elders
  • B3 Coming Of The Elementals, The Victim
  • B4 Esoteric Tone Poem