DICK WALTER - Playing With Fire 1
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Playing With Fire 1
vinyl LP

Condition: VG / EX
Label: KPM
Catalogue No: KPM 1368
Themes, Suites and Underscores for contemporary dramatic and industrial situations. (A companion album to KMP 1369, Playing With Fire 2).

Some wear / damage to the sleeve. Where stickers have been removed and affected the cover.
  • A1 Punch (a)
  • A10 Rough Ride
  • A11 Into The Dark (a)
  • A12 Into The Dark (b)
  • A13 Into The Dark (c)
  • A14 Into The Dark (d)
  • A15 Into The Dark (e)
  • A16 The Chase
  • A17 Missing (a)
  • A18 Missing (b)
  • A19 Missing (c)
  • A2 Punch (b)
  • A20 Neon Jungle (a)
  • A21 Neon Jungle (b)
  • A22 Neon Jungle (c)
  • A23 Neon Jungle (d)
  • A3 Punch (c)
  • A4 Punch (d)
  • A5 Punch (e)
  • A6 Punch (f)
  • A7 The Quiet Hours (a)
  • A8 The Quiet Hours (b)
  • A9 The Quiet Hours (c)
  • B1 Crime-bust (a)
  • B10 Pursuit (b)
  • B11 Surveillance
  • B12 Tough Breed
  • B13 The Bait (a)
  • B14 The Bait (b)
  • B2 Crime-bust (b)
  • B3 Crime-bust (c)
  • B4 Crime-bust (d)
  • B5 Crime-bust (e)
  • B6 Crime-bust (f)
  • B7 Night Hawks (a)
  • B8 Night Hawks (b)
  • B9 Pursuit (a)