DJ SPINNA - The Beyond Real Experience
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The Beyond Real Experience
vinyl 2LP

Condition: VG / EX
Label: Beyond Real
Catalogue No: BRLP-001
Dope collection of Hip Hop grooves featuring Mr. Akil, l.G. Off & Hazadous, Basement Khemists, Dynas, Jet Black Ha, Jigmastas, Old World Disorder, Jigmastas & Jigs & The Friends.
  • A1 Intro/How MCs Do It
  • A2 The Nicest
  • A3 Correct Technique
  • A4 Stick Move Strike Back
  • B1 Handlin'
  • B2 Semi-Precious
  • B3 Never Minded
  • C1 In The Air
  • C2 Thief's Theme
  • C3 Wasted
  • C4 Street Serenade
  • D1 Lyrical Fluctuation
  • D2 I'm Doin' Ya
  • D3 If