DON & STEVIE - Don & Stevie
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Don & Stevie
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Condition: M / M
Label: Finders Keepers
Catalogue No: FKR059CD
"These recordings of unreleased and unknown American acidic folk and acoustic pop were made in the late 60s by husband and wife duo Don & Stevie Gere. For over 40 years they’ve sat untouched and unplayed in a box of unmarked studio tapes at their family home in Los Angeles. As original pop songs and guitar based arrangements from the man who made the stoner psych soundtrack for cult movie Werewolves On Wheels, these rescued one-off pressings were sung in harmony with his teenage sweetheart and lifelong partner, Stevie Howard, recorded at LA based walk-in studio sessions."

Was sealed-opened to display booklet in shop.
  • 1 American Lullaby
  • 2 Live Our Life
  • 3 Sweet Sugar
  • 4 Talked About World
  • 5 Keep An Eye On You
  • 6 Another Blue Day
  • 7 What Do You Think Of Me
  • 8 Kindly
  • 9 Tell Me Now
  • 10 I've Been Wrong*
  • 11 Laying By The Riverside*