DREXCIYA - Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller II
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Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller II
vinyl 2LP

Condition: VG / EX
Label: Clone
Catalogue No: C#CC23LP
Clone Classic Cuts continues their re-issues series for one of the most influential techno acts ever... Drexciya. The second selection of tracks includes favourites such as ‘Bang-Bang’, ‘Positron Island’, ‘Anti Vapour Waves’ and ‘Journey Home’, complimented by some lesser-known and even previously undiscovered tracks. Raw, uncompromising music made with soul and creativity always has been the trademark of Drexciya and this album is another showcase of their talents.
  • A1 Intro
  • A2 Hi-Tide
  • A3 Danger Bay
  • A4 Aqua Jujidsu
  • B1 Anti Vapour Waves
  • B2 Positron Island
  • B3 Anti-Beats
  • C1 Davey Jones Locker
  • C2 Journey Home
  • C3 Dead Man's Reef
  • C4 Unknown Journey III
  • D1 Unknown Journey II
  • D2 Bang-Bang
  • D3 Neon Falls