DUSTIN ZAHN - Stranger (To Stability)
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Stranger (To Stability)
12" vinyl

Condition: Plain / M
Label: Rekids Special Projects
Catalogue No: RSPX15
Another one of these unexpected trans-genre anthems that come out of nowhere and devastate dancefloors wherever they are being played. The two mixes here have equal earthquaking qualities : the "Podium" one for big post-trance rave rooms gets back to that good old mid 90s anthemic techno feel ; where the breakish "X-Break" version dares a modern approach of that old dancefloor trick, which could be named as the "siren climax", with unashamed success and let's admit it bonkers efficiency on any dancefloor. Clear vinyl re-press.
  • A Stranger (To Stability) (Len Faki Podium Mix)
  • B Stranger (To Stability) (Len Faki X-Break Mix)