ESG - Dance To The Best Of ESG
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Dance To The Best Of ESG
3x12" vinyl

Condition: VG / EX
Label: Fire
Catalogue No: FIRELP156
Deluxe issue in a card box sleeve featuring a triple set of albums which include the incredible Electronic Funk cuts 'UFO', & 'Moody'.
  • A-1 You're No Good
  • A-2 Tiny Sticks
  • A-3 Moody
  • A-4 Come Away
  • A-5 UFO
  • A-6 Dance
  • A-7 Parking Lot Blues
  • B-1 Christelle
  • B-2 Talk It
  • B-3 Erase You
  • B-4 Hold Me Right
  • B-5 It's Alright
  • B-6 Get Funky
  • B-7 My Love For You
  • C-1 About You
  • C-2 Insane (Tambourine Mix)
  • C-3 Keep On Moving
  • C-4 I Can't Tell You What To Do
  • C-5 Moody (Spaced Out)
  • D-1 Dance To The Beat Of Moody
  • D-2 Bam Bam Jam
  • D-3 A New Day
  • D-4 In The Streets
  • D-5 Erase You (Puppy To Your Side)
  • E-1 You're No Good (Alternate Version)
  • E-2 Standing In Line
  • E-3 I Wanna Dance
  • E-4 Six Pack (Original Version)
  • E-5 Moody (A New Mood)
  • F-1 There Was A Time
  • F-2 Earn It
  • F-3 Like This