FIRST TOUCH - First Touch
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First Touch
vinyl 2LP

Condition: EX / M
Label: Star Creature
Catalogue No: SC1207
Star Creature coming on strong with that new boogie and modern funk pressure. First Touch are a reletively new crew, hailing from Germany and armed to the teeth with vintage synthesizers and classic drum machines. This self titled offering sees their hi-def boogie buzz maxed out across eleven tracks and two discs. Nicely produced, with all areas of the frequency spectrum fairly represented, with a maximum of three tracks per side in order to achieve top fidelity for the DJs and dancers alike. Instrumental throughout, with a wide screen, cinematic feel that definintely tips its hat to the Italian synth pioneers, the mood is bright and optimistic throughout and remains deliciously uptempo throughout with each and every track capable of touching people on the floor, in the bedroom or in any damn environment you care to play it! Too many enjoyable moments to list individually but top track for me is "All Because Of You" with its buzzing low end hooks and seriously advanced synthesis; taking the palette and aesthetic of modern funk and new boogie into fresh and exciting realms.
  • A1 Toe Jammin
  • A2 80s Babies
  • A3 Just Feel It
  • B1 Let Me Get Next To You
  • B2 Pleasure For Your Treasure
  • B3 Whoop
  • C1 Night Groovin
  • C2 It's Yours
  • C3 So Close To You
  • D1 All Because Of You
  • D2 Keep Holding On (Bonus Track)