GENE AMMONS - "Jug" Sessions
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"Jug" Sessions
vinyl 2LP

Condition: VG / EX
Label: Mercury
Catalogue No: EMS-2-400
U.S double vinyl issue in the EmArcy Jazz Series from 1976 featuring musicians Albert Ammons, Junior Mance & Gene Wright.

Sleeve has some creases. Reduced.
  • A1 Concentration
  • A2 Red Top (Original)
  • A3 Red Top (Vocal Overdub Version)
  • A4 Idaho
  • A5 St. Louis Blues
  • A6 Shufflin' The Boogie
  • A7 S.P. Blues
  • B1 Little Irv
  • B2 Abdullah's Fiesta
  • B3 Brother Jug's Sermon
  • B4 Everything Depends On You
  • B5 Hot Springs
  • B6 When You're Gone
  • B7 Little Slam
  • C1 Hiroshima
  • C2 McDougal's Sprout
  • C3 Hold That Money
  • C4 Shermanski
  • C5 Harold The Fox
  • C6 Jeet Jet
  • C7 Odd-En-Dow
  • D1 Going For The Okey Doak
  • D2 E.A.A.K. Blues
  • D3 Blowing The Family Jewels
  • D4 Sugar Coated
  • D5 Dues In Blues
  • D6 Jay, Jay
  • D7 Daddy Sauce's Airlines