GHOßT ASSEMBLY - I Miss Your Love
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I Miss Your Love
12" vinyl (new stock)

Condition: Plain / M
Label: Rüf Kutz
Catalogue No: RK19
(23/29) Veteran DJ and co-founder of Manchester Digital Music Archive, Abigail Ward, launches her new Ghoßt Assembly identity with “I Miss Your Love”, a raw and emotional homage to late 80s Chicago house. A locked-on Fingers-esque melody bassline, pounding pianos, Italian organs and widescreen minor-key Solina strings will yank even the shyest onto the dancefloor early doors, but it’s the mysterious, yearning, female 80s soul acapella that elevates the track to future classic status and has already seen the scene’s most clued-up scratching their bonces for an ID. “I Miss Your Love” was expertly mixed by PBR Streetgang’s Bonar Bradberry through his Bozak mixer (the same model it is believed Larry Levan favoured), which imparts its own special magic, ramping up the hiss and Garagey authenticity.