GRAHAM DE WILDE / PETER COX - Classical Fusion 3
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Classical Fusion 3
vinyl LP

Condition: VG / EX
Label: KPM Music
Catalogue No: KPM 1361
U.K KPM issue from 1986 featuring a fusion of Classical and Contemporary styles. Companion album to KPM 1299 'Classical Fusion' and KPM 1333 'Classical Fusion 2'.
  • A1 Global News (a)
  • A10 Pressure Waves (a)
  • A11 Pressure Waves (b)
  • A12 Pressure Waves (c)
  • A13 The Queens Consort (a)
  • A14 The Queens Consort (b)
  • A15 The Physick Garden (a)
  • A16 The Physick Garden (b)
  • A17 The Physick Garden (c)
  • A18 The Physick Garden (d)
  • A19 Press Day (a)
  • A2 Global News (b)
  • A20 Press Day (b)
  • A3 Global News (c)
  • A4 Global News (d)
  • A5 Global News (e)
  • A6 Launch Minus 90
  • A7 International Lauch (a)
  • A8 International Lauch (b)
  • A9 International Lauch (c)
  • B1 Satellite Strings (a)
  • B10 Classical Retreat (b)
  • B11 Classical Retreat (c)
  • B12 A History Of Conflict (a)
  • B13 A History Of Conflict (b)
  • B14 A History Of Conflict (c)
  • B15 Questions And Answers (a)
  • B16 Questions And Answers (b)
  • B2 Satellite Strings (b)
  • B3 Before The Deadline
  • B4 Deadline (a)
  • B5 Deadline (b)
  • B6 Deadline (c)
  • B7 Deadline (d)
  • B8 Deadline (e)
  • B9 Classical Retreat (a)