HELLHAMMER - Demon Entrails
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Demon Entrails
vinyl 3LP

Condition: EX / EX
Label: Century Media
Catalogue No: 9977391
Rare 2008 triple LP release compiling the influential Swiss black/death metal pioneers' 'Death Fiend', 'Triumph Of Death', and 'Satanic Rites' demos. In gatefold sleeve with picture inners, booklet, and poster.
  • A1 Maniac
  • A2 Angel Of Destruction
  • A3 Hammerhead
  • A4 Bloody Pussies
  • B1 Death Fiend
  • B2 Dark Warriors
  • B3 Chainsaw
  • B4 Ready For Slaughter
  • B5 Sweet Torment
  • C1 Crucifixion
  • C2 Maniac
  • C3 (Execution) When Hell's Near
  • C4 Decapitator
  • C5 Blood Insanity
  • C6 Power Of Satan
  • D1 Reaper
  • D2 Death Fiend
  • D3 Triumph Of Death
  • D4 Metallic Storm
  • D5 Ready For Slaughter
  • D6 Dark Warriors
  • D7 Hammerhead
  • E1 Intro
  • E2 Messiah
  • E3 The Third Of The Storms (Evoked Damnation)
  • E4 Buried And Forgotten
  • E5 Maniac (Re-recorded Version)
  • E6 Eurynomos
  • F1 Triumph Of Death (Re-recorded Version)
  • F2 Revelations Of Doom
  • F3 Reaper (Re-Recorded Version)
  • F4 Satanic Rites
  • F5 Crucifixion (Re-recorded Version)
  • F6 Outro