J KRIV / JOUTRO MUNDO - Barefoot Beats 005
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Barefoot Beats 005
10" vinyl (new stock)

Condition: Plain / M
Label: Barefoot Beats
Catalogue No: BB05
Barefoot Beats in rare 10" form bring the summer party flavour with two mighty contributions from NYC's JKriv alongside Rio's own rising star Joutro Mundo. It's the Razor-n-Tape head honcho that kicks things off with an epic carnival percussion track that hits as hard as a mango caipirinha at dawn. Whistles, cowbells, woodblocks - you know, all that good stuff that your generic sample-pack wielding producer seems to miss; blending perfectly with the south American stacato vocal style. Over on the flip, Joutro Mundo puts stars in our eyes with his deep and hypnotic Brazilian workout. Taking in a more electronic palette, the indigenious rhythms and vocal chants are nicely mixed up with a dancefloor friendly 4/4 and some nice DSP-effects, reverbs and delays - making an explosive mix of traditional styles and up-to-date production
  • A Barefoot Boogie
  • B Cauê