JACK HAMMER - The Wiggling Fool
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The Wiggling Fool
vinyl LP

Condition: VG / EX
Label: Melodia
Catalogue No: JH 3102
Collection of hit songs including 'Twistin' King', 'Come Twist Around The Clock' and others.

Some wear to the sleeve.
  • A1 Twistin' King
  • A10 Choo-Choo Twist
  • A2 Kissin' Twist
  • A3 Boogie-Woogie Twist
  • A4 Crazy Twist
  • A5 Twist And Shout
  • A6 Spelling Twist
  • A7 Twist, Turn And Twirl
  • A8 Come Twist Around The Clock
  • A9 Twistin' Blues
  • B1 The Wiggle
  • B10 Stop Slop
  • B2 Wigglig Fool
  • B3 Can't You Do It
  • B4 Sugar Boy
  • B5 Electricity
  • B6 Fire Baby
  • B7 It's Good
  • B8 Juliette
  • B9 Melancholy Baby