JACKY GIORDANO - Timing Archives

Timing Archives
vinyl LP (new stock)

Condition: M / M
Label: Farfalla
Catalogue No: FR02LP
Brand new numbered limited edition pressing, Only 500 copies released. A compilation of Jacky Giordano's works recorded for the 'Timing Series'. During the period he replaced Pierre Arvoy within the label 'In Editions' (1972-1975). Published in partnership with Music De Wolfe. An album filled with Funk breaks, hard grooves Afro Cuban Rhythms, Jazz sounds, Fuzz Guitar. Essential purchase for any collector of rare Library records.
  • A1 Cite
  • A2 Tablasse
  • A3 Jumba
  • A4 Motion
  • A5 Alti
  • A6 Nuts
  • A7 Round
  • B1 Pink
  • B2 Golden Blend
  • B3 Plink
  • B4 La Gigue Bleue
  • B5 Cool
  • B6 Orient Express
  • B7 Morsel