JAMES BROWN - Night Train - The King Singles 1960-1962
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vinyl 2LP

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Label: Not Now Music
Catalogue No: NOT2LP209
Deluxe 180g double album set. That documents James Brown's early career on King records, with a hint of the Funk styling that saw the Godfather of Soul evolve into the Minister of the New Super Heavy Funk.
  • A1 The Bells
  • A2 And I Do Just What I Want
  • A3 Hold It
  • A4 The Scratch
  • A5 Bewildered
  • A6 If You Want Me
  • A7 I Found You
  • B1 I Don't Mind
  • B2 Love Don't Love Nobody
  • B3 Suds
  • B4 Sticky
  • B5 Baby You're Right
  • B6 I'll Never, Never Let You Go
  • B7 If I Knew
  • C1 I Love You, Yes I Do
  • C2 Just You And Me Darling
  • C3 Lost Someone
  • C4 Cross Firing
  • C5 Night Train
  • C6 Why Does Everything Happen To Me
  • C7 It Hurts To Be In Love
  • D1 Shout And Shimmy
  • D2 Come Over Here
  • D3 Mashed Potatoes U.S.A.
  • D4 You Don't Have To Go
  • D5 Three Hearts In A Tangle
  • D6 I've Got Money
  • D7 You Can Make It If You Try