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vinyl 2LP

Condition: EX / EX
Label: Mondo
Catalogue No: MOND-013
Released on 180g orange vinyl, extremely sought after.
  • A1 Halloween Theme
  • A2 Halloween 1963
  • A3 The Evil Is Gone!
  • A4 Halloween 1978
  • A5 The Boogie Man Is Coming
  • B1 The Shape
  • B2 The Hedge
  • B3 He Came Home
  • B4 Trick Or Treat
  • B5 The Haunted House
  • B6 The Devil’s Eyes
  • B7 The Boogie Man Is Outside
  • B8 Damn You For Letting Him Go!
  • C1 Empty Street
  • C2 See Anything You Like?
  • C3 Lock The Door
  • C4 He’s Here?
  • C5 Light’s Out
  • C6 Cut It Out
  • C7 Tombstone
  • D1 The Shape Stalks Laurie
  • D2 Turn Around
  • D3 Unlock The Door
  • D4 The Hanger
  • D5 Call The Police
  • D6 Last Assault
  • D7 Was It The Boogie Man?
  • D8 End Credits: Halloween Theme-Reprise