JOHN CLARKE - Rootsy Reggae

Rootsy Reggae
vinyl LP (new stock)

Condition: M / M
Label: Wackie's
Catalogue No: W-2333
Brand new re-issue of this killer Reggae album. Featuring John Clarke, Love Joys, Cornel Sylvera, Harold Sylvester, Roy Reckless, Glen, Jah Scotty, Todd Dawkins, Allah, Bobby Chin, Jerry Hitler, Naki, Baba Leslie, Jerry Johnson, Perry Ricketts, Allah, Clive Hunt, Linda Pickney, Mary & Orlando Nelson. (H).
  • A1 Big Leg Mary
  • A2 You're Just The One
  • A3 John Brown
  • A4 Boss I
  • A5 Creator
  • A6 Recession
  • B1 Polution
  • B2 Wasn't It You
  • B3 You Like To Borrow
  • B4 Babylon Spanking
  • B5 Abortion
  • B6 Bum Bang Festival