JOHN RENBOURN - The Lady And The Unicorn
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The Lady And The Unicorn
vinyl LP

Condition: G / VG
Label: Transatlantic
Catalogue No: ORL 8654
Italian reissue of the superb 1970 LP from folk legend/stunning guitarist John Renbourn. The sleeve has some mottling on the cover possibly caused by mildew.

Jamaican issue so some of the problems that occur with the vinyl. Some pressing issues.
  • A1.a Trotto
  • A1.b Saltarello
  • A2.a Lamento Di Tristan
  • A2.b La Rotta
  • A3.a Veri Floris
  • A3.b Triple Ballade (Sanscuer-Amordolens-Dameparvous)
  • A4.a Bransle Gay
  • A4.b Bransle De Bourgogne
  • A5.a Alman
  • A5.b Melancholy Galliard
  • A6 Sarabande
  • B1 The Lady And The Unicorn
  • B2.a My Johnny Was A Shoemaker
  • B2.b Westron Wynde
  • B2.c Scarborough Fair