JON WEINEL - Entoptic Phenomena In Audio

Entoptic Phenomena In Audio
vinyl LP

Condition: Plain / M
Label: Hardcore Jewellery
Catalogue No: JEWEL-001
Hardcore Jewellery is a new record label, focusing on experimental forms of electronic music, electroacoustic music, visual music and experimental film. The first release: Entoptic Phenomena in Audio by Jon Weinel, is the product of his research regarding electroacoustic music and altered states of consciousness. ‘Entoptic Phenomena’ are the visual spiral and funnel patterns perceived in hallucinatory experiences, identified by psychologist Heinrich Klüver during his mescaline trials of the 1960s. Here the concept of rotating funnel patterns is explored through electroacoustic sound, and fused with bass atmospheres, organic drones and shattered flashcore rhythms.