KARAMIKA - Karamika
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Condition: M / M
Label: Esp Institute
Catalogue No: ESP022
(15/39) Karamika is the soundscape to a journey authored by George Thompson (Black Merlin) and Gordon Pohl (Musiccargo). This double LP is the bi-product of a creative simpatico, their quest to articulate a vision void of any defined lyrical or melodic language. The instrumentation is a balanced palette of hard and soft, light and dark, pristine and corroded, droning and orchestral, crafting narratives out of unexpected elements so weathered and rich that each carries a lifetime of character within - tin cans rusting in the desert dust, dewdrops pattering on overgrown foliage, swarms of locusts writhing in song - abstractions culminating in a parallax view of the world through Karamika's eye
  • A1 Ton 01
  • A2 Ton 02
  • A3 Ton 03
  • B1 Ton 04
  • B2 Ton 05
  • B3 Ton 06
  • C1 Ton 07
  • C2 Ton 08
  • C3 Ton 09
  • D1 Ton 10
  • D2 Ton 11
  • D3 Ton 12