KING SOUNDS - Come Zion Side / Happiness
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Come Zion Side / Happiness
vinyl LP

Condition: VG / EX
Label: Grove Music
Catalogue No: GMLP-22
Dutch issue from 1979 featuring musicians Ranchie, Clinton Farron, Lloyd Parkes, Mikie, Robert Shakespeare, Barnabas, Santa, Fish Clarke, Horsemouth, Sly, B.B. Seaton, Claudette Miller, Freddie McGregor, Jimmy London, Ken Boothe, Veronica Douglas, Ansell Collins, Wire, Bubbler, Gladstone Anderson, Winston Wright, Bo Peep, Duggie, Willie Lindo, King Sounds, Barbara, Rass Michael Youth, Youth, Barnabas, Bongo Herman, Skully, Sky Juice, Sticky, Alric Forbes, Duggie, Tony Chinn, Wire Lindo, Dean, Nambo, Willie Brackenridge & Clive Hunt.
  • A1 Kill Them Dead
  • A2 You Can't Hide
  • A3 They That Hate Us
  • A4 Zion Side
  • A5 Free Man
  • B1 Happiness
  • B2 To The Other Man
  • B3 Life
  • B4 Look Into Yourself
  • B5 They Keep Us Down