KöLSCH - Speicher 79

Speicher 79
12" vinyl (new stock)

Condition: Generic / M
Label: Kompakt Extra
Catalogue No: KOM EX 79
(1907) Kölsch's Kompakt debut came via its Speicher sub-label. This latest EP marks the third time he's returned to the series since, and it continues his dalliances in techno's trancier outskirts. Though not a straight-up anthem like "Lorely," nor quite as likely to induce dance floor tears as "All That Matters," "Papageno" is firmly aimed at the arms-in-the-air crew. Fittingly for the man who penned the earworm "Calabria," the track shows some serious songwriting chops, hitting every note on the goosebump scale.
  • A Papageno
  • B Cassiopeia