KORRUPT DATA - Korrupt Data
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Korrupt Data
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Condition: M / M
Label: Planet E
Catalogue No: PLE 65366-1
(14/41) 1. Korrupt Data is a voyager from a place beyond the stars, communicating via the medium of electronic music. 2. Korrupt Data takes Korrupt Data seriously. 3. Korrupt Data always refers to Korrupt Data in the third person. 4. confusingly, Korrupt Data is also the debut album by Korrupt Data. we didn't really think this through. 5. Korrupt Data is not who you think it is. 6. the real question to ask is: what is Korrupt Data? 7. we don’t know the answer to that question, but we’ll figure it out eventually. 8. Korrupt Data is a cynical ploy to catch the attention of jaded listeners, unimaginative djs and lazy media types. 9. Korrupt Data makes music inspired by missing and malfunctioning information. do keep up! 10. the music contained on Korrupt Data is primarily analogie in origin. think rugged machine music with vivid melodies and kaleidoscopic chords. 11. Korrupt Data is a catalogue of dystopian fantasies painted in sound and broadcast from the ether: analogue antimatter for the digital generation. 12. basically, it's dance music made with old kit. if we’d said that first time, you wouldn’t have been interested. bored journalists prefer high-minded concepts to simple truths. 13. some people think korrupt data is capable of travelling between continents using the submarine cables beneath our major oceans. 14. they’re wrong. 15. Korrupt Data may or may not have previously released music under another guise. does it really matter? 16. Korrupt Data wishes to be judged entirely on the merits of Korrupt Data, the debut album by Korrupt Data. 17. Korrupt Data once met the pope in a lift. 18. the pope is secretly a massive fan of twisted techno transmissions. he hosts secret raves at the vatican every second wednesday of the month. for entry, knock twice and ask for pious pete. 19. the album korrupt data will be available in stores very soon. 20. some of these facts may not be correct. You may have been fed corrupt data.
  • A1 Cryogene
  • A1 Inter Arrival
  • A3 Density Function
  • B1 Photons, Protons, Microns, Mutrons
  • B2 Hex Theorem
  • B3 Gods & Myths
  • C1 Closed Parameters
  • C2 Visions That Lurk
  • C3 Memory Loss
  • D1 For That Way Lies Oblivion
  • D2 Drifting Vessels