LAURA CANNELL - Beneath Swooping Talons

Beneath Swooping Talons
CD album

Condition: VG / VG
Label: Front & Fallow
Catalogue No: F&F036
"With deconstructed bow and the extraordinary sound of double recorder, Beneath Swooping Talons has grown out of unearthed fragments that became improvised pieces, then immediately recorded in single takes. Tapping the potent rural landscape and long-dormant musical modes, this album encompasses both wild animal calls and long forgotten liturgical chords, which drawn through Laura’s music seem to originate from the same, ahistorical place. With a background in traditional, early and experimental music, she creates a solitary minimalist chamber music, where one player makes all the harmonies". 2015 album.

Digipak has some edge wear;disc has a few light marks.
  • 1 All The Land Ablaze
  • 2 For Sorrow Salt Tears
  • 3 Deers Bark
  • 4 Be Not Afraid
  • 5 Two Winters
  • 6 Cathedral Of The Marshes
  • 7 Conversing In A Dream
  • 8 Time Burns Falling Stars
  • 9 Cantiga
  • 10 Born From The Soil