M.I.A - Arular
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vinyl 2LP

Condition: VG / VG
Label: XL Recordings
Catalogue No: XLLP186
An amazing collection of ragga / grime / skanking beats featuring 'Banana Skit', 'Pull Up The People', 'Bucky Done Gun', 'Dash The Curry Skit', 'Sunshowers', 'Fire Fire', ' Amazon', 'One For The Head Skit', 'Bingo', 'Hombre', '10 Dollar', 'U.R.A.Q.T.' & 'Galang'.
  • A1 Banana Skit
  • A2 Pull Up The People
  • A3 Bucky Done Gun
  • B1 Dash The Curry Skit
  • B2 Sunshowers
  • B3 Fire Fire
  • B4 Amazon
  • C1 One For The Head Skit
  • C2 Bingo
  • C3 Hombre
  • C4 10 Dollar
  • D1 U.R.A.Q.T.
  • D2 Galang