MADONNA - Erotica
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12" vinyl

Condition: VG / G
Label: Warner Brothers
Catalogue No: W 0138 TP
100% original copy of the highly prized and sought after 'Toe Sucking' picture disc. This picture disc was withdrawn after being pressed because the artwork, Madonna sucking a toe, was too close for comfort to a news story of a royal (Sarah Ferguson) pictured sucking a toe in a hotel bedroom. All copies were taken from Orlake, where it was pressed, back to the head office to be destroyed. It is rumoured that 1 copy was taken from each box, 138 boxes, and the rest destroyed. Fact is that copies were sold from the offices to a Liverpool record dealer, who sold them on to collectors and dealers, and it's highly unlikely one was taken from each box, more likely quite a number of boxes were just sold off, and the others destroyed. Incidentally, the same dealer sold a backing card from the original disc to the guy who made the counterfeit! PIcture disc of which only 138 copies are rumoured to have been pressed. Various counterfeit versions exists, which can be told apart from the official issue by: 1) the real "Erotica" picture disc carries a gold backing card, with the official "Madonna/Erotica" logo in the top-left corner. The bootleg disc is missing this backing card. 2) the real "Erotica" picture disc has a white rectangular box containing its catalog # directly below the Maverick logo on the vinyl itself. The bootleg disc is missing this box. 3) the real "Erotica" picture disc has the words "Orlake W0138TP" sketched on the run-out groove of the vinyl itself, on the inner loop. The bootleg disc is missing this writing.

(Note:-Cautious grade on vinyl. The Toe Suck A side is visually excellent but does play with some back ground crackle, which is more pronounced in quieter interludes. The B side has some visible surface marks but no deep scratches with similar sonics to A
  • A Erotica (Album Version)
  • B1 Erotica (Instrumental)
  • B2 Erotica (Radio Edit)