MARC WILKINSON - Blood On Satan's Claw

Blood On Satan's Claw
vinyl LP

Condition: VG+ / VG+
Label: Trunk
Catalogue No: JBH023LP
Rare 2007 Trunk Records press of this classic soundtrack to the folk horror classic, 'Blood On Satan's Claw' (also known as 'Satan's Skin' in the USA), directed by Piers Haggard. Limited to only 500 copies.
  • A1 Fiend Discovered And Titles
  • A10 Death Of Marc
  • A11 Angel Naked
  • A12 Angel's First Curse
  • A13 Angel's Second Curse
  • A14 Return From The Graveyard
  • A2 Peter And Rosalind In Attic
  • A3 Rosalind's Madness
  • A4 Angel's Claw
  • A5 Claw In Classroom
  • A6 Judge By Fireside
  • A7 Peter Fights Devil, Severs Hand
  • A8 Judge Drives Off
  • A9 Mark Alone
  • B1 Return From The Graveyard (2)
  • B10 Ralph's Wound
  • B11 Ralph Bewitched
  • B12 Finale And Credits
  • B2 Kathy Crowned
  • B3 Children Into Church
  • B4 Kathy's Ceremony
  • B5 Kathy's Rape And Death
  • B6 Peter's Ride
  • B7 Ralph Chops Tree
  • B8 Ralph Saves Margaret
  • B9 Margaret Escapes