MCMLXV - Untitled

CD album

Condition: EX / EX
Catalogue No: MCD-01
Excellent and limited 8 track album with no track or artist name, the tracks are only identified by symbols. From the MCMLXV label that is also responsible for the series of JS 12" releases (JS-01, JS-02, JS-03). Excellent and varied, tracks range from electronica to electro, techno and acid.

Note, these might need a little clean, they've been in storage and some crackles at the start of each side have been noticed.
  • 1 Untitled
  • 2 Untitled
  • 3 Untitled
  • 4 Untitled
  • 5 Untitled
  • 6 Untitled
  • 7 Untitled
  • 8 Untitled