MF DOOM - Operation: Doomsday - The 7 Inch Collection
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The 7 Inch Collection
7x7" vinyl box (new stock)

Condition: SS / M
Label: Metal Face
Catalogue No: MF 1999-7
Deluxe box set issue of the 1999 classic debut album presented as a deluxe set, with seven 7-inches; 2 unique MF DOOM 45 adapters, new artwork by original cover artist Lord Scotch; and customer leatherette outer box with silver-foil DOOM mask and logo.
  • 1-A The Time We Faced Doom
  • 1-B Doomsday!
  • 2-A Rhymes Like Dimes
  • 2-B The Finest
  • 3-A Go With The Flow
  • 3-B Tick, Tick
  • 4-A Red and Gold Think I Am
  • 4-B Who You
  • 5-A Hey
  • 5-B Operation Greenbacks
  • 6-A The Mic
  • 6-B Deadbent
  • 7-A Gas Drawls
  • 7-B ?