MINNY POPS - Sparks In A Dark Room
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Sparks In A Dark Room
vinyl 2LP (new stock)

Condition: M / M
Label: Factory Benelux
Catalogue No: FBN 15
Brand new copy of the limited 2014 reissue, in pic sleeve and with pic insert and download codes. Includes an extra album featuring the band live at the Melkweg in 2012. The main album is pressed on blue vinyl, the extra live LP is pressed on orange vinyl.
  • A1 Mountain
  • A2 A Feeling
  • A3 Tracking
  • A4 Crack
  • A5 Vital
  • A6 Blue Roses
  • B1 Black Eye
  • B2 Wong
  • B3 Experience
  • B4 Dream
  • B5 Night Visit
  • B6 Trance
  • C1 Kogel
  • C2 Blue Roses
  • C3 Tracking
  • C4 Vital
  • C5 Goddess
  • C6 Dolphin's Spurt
  • C7 Mountain
  • D1 Wong
  • D2 Secret Story
  • D3 Time
  • D4 Trance
  • D5 Mental
  • D6 Son